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The Caribbean Community Climate Change Center and UNICEF in Belize support "Earth Hour " in Belize

UNICEF and CCCC join call for darkness in Belize next Saturday, March 28


Belize City, March 19, 2009 - UNICEF has come together with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre in Belize (CCCCC) to support “Earth Hour” in Belize City next Saturday night, March 28.


Earth Hour is a global initiative led by the World Wildlife Fund to bring awareness to the dangers of global warming and climate change. As part of Earth Hour, individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide are being asked to turn off the lights for one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 next Saturday night. It is hoped that by turning off the lights and all electrical appliances for an hour, the global community will see how small changes can make a big difference on a global scale. This initiative, first launched in Sydney Australia in 2007, took off in 2008 when 371 cities took part. More than 930 cities in 80 countries are expected to take part in the event this year.


UNICEF and the CCCCC are collaborating to encourage that young Belizeans in particular participate and raise their voice in calling for steps to mitigate the impact of climate change.


One group of young Belizeans who have heeded the call to become more aware of what must be done now to address climate change is the UNICEF-supported XChange movement.


“The XChangers, an adolescent-led movement for young people, are supporting the charge to turn out the lights on March 28th,” UNICEF Belize Representative, Rana Flowers said: “Adolescents are particularly concerned about the earth and climate change challenges that they are inheriting - they have a strong voice - and Earth Hour is an opportunity for them to join with other voices all over the world to give a message that world leaders must take climate change, cutting emissions, protecting the environment, the barrier reef, and stopping the clearing of forests, etc. seriously.” 


“In turning off the lights out, we encourage families to not only make a statement about the need to protect our earth - but to turn the hour into a valuable FAMILY time. Turn off your lights, light a candle, and have a family meeting to invite solutions on something that has been troubling the family. Host a BBQ and ask the children to tell stories or do a show with flashlights! It is an opportunity for families to come together,” Flowers added.


For more information on how you can participate and make a difference, or for more information on Climate change, please contact:


Rana Flowers, rflowers@unice.org, Representative UNICEF Belize: 223-3864/3609/7294

Dr. Kenrick Leslie, Exec. Dir., Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre: 822-1104.

Andre Marsden, Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre: 822-1104.
Tamar Hahn, thahn@unicef.org, UNICEF Latina America and the Caribbean







For more information, please contact: Neville Samuels, Communication Officer, UNICEF Belize; Tel: 223-3864/3609; nsamuels@unicef.org




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