Reintegration of adolescent mothers into the formal school system

National policy


It is intended that this Policy will assist Guyana to achieve its national, regional and international commitments. By extension, the policy shall ensure that adolescent mothers are able to continue their education in the same school or another school at least six (6) weeks after delivery. This is critical as it will also enable Guyana to achieve its elusive goal regarding gender equality.

Universal acceptance and implementation of this Reintegration Policy will not be immediate, but effectively managed and promoted, its provisions will adequately respond to the problem of adolescent pregnancy and the challenges posed by adolescent mothers from different Regions. It will also have a positive impact on the well-being of pregnant school-age girls, adolescent mothers and their newborn babies.

The dominant conclusion at the most strategic level is that, to be effective, reintegration will have to be heavily reliant on an environment where a culture of inclusion, commitment to ensure that the needs of all students are met free of discrimination and that the appropriate resources (human, financial and material) are in place.

Steps should also be taken to ensure that all public schools comply with the provisions of the Reintegration Policy.

Portada Reintegration of adolescent mothers into the formal school system



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