Regional Thematic Fund (RTF)

Annual Report 2018

RTF 2018


The Regional Thematic Fund (RTF) is a flexible, unrestricted and non-earmarked pooled fund that enables UNICEF to help children in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) wherever the need is the greatest. The RTF represents a unique opportunity for the region to fund regional priorities directly and accelerate results for children. The Fund’s flexible donations allow UNICEF to react quickly and effectively to changing circumstances, and to support ‘donor orphan’ countries that do not attract much public attention despite their great need.Thanks to the support of individual donors through eight Private Fundraising and Partnerships (PFP) country offices (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay), a total of 15 country offices and 4 regional programme areas (including the regional response to an emergency) benefited from the RTF in 2018.
In addition to these funds, RTF received contributions under Multi-Country Agreements with corporate partners BAC Credomatic (customer fundraising), focused on Early Childhood Development, and Millicom/TIGO (corporate grant), focused on child protection against online violence.
In 2018, $4,321,1031 was spent to support five strategic areas: education, child protection, health, social inclusion and early childhood development. Within those thematic areas, several regional priorities were covered, and innovative frameworks were built so as to offer an integrate response to the complex contexts that RTF recipient countries and Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office (LACRO) programme areas had to tackle. Moreover, 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were pursued through each RTF recipient country investment.
This report provides an overview of how the RTF was used in 2018, and provides insight into some of the children, families and communities that have been positively impacted.

RTF 2018



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