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Region 2: Pomeroon-Supenaam


The Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) are committed to the wellbeing and development of Guyanese children.

The Government at the national and sub-national levels is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). UNICEF is the custodian or co-custodian of 10 of the SDG indicators (stunting, wasting/overweight, skilled attendance at birth, under five mortality, neonatal mortality, early childhood development, early marriage, FGM/C, child discipline and sexual violence against children).

This commitment is demonstrated by their support for the generation and dissemination of evidence to inform the development of plans, policies, projects, and programmes to address equity gaps in areas of survival, lifelong learning, protection and participation of children.

The Pomeroon-Supenaam region comprises of forested highland and low coastal plain, but also takes in a small portion of the hilly sand and clay region. The region spans 2,392 square miles.

The 46,810 people of this region live in Indigenous settlements and more established villages concentrated along the coast. The town of Anna Regina, on the West Bank of the Essequibo River, grew out of a government land development scheme and is made up of former plantations such as Henrietta, Lima and La Belle Alliance.

Rice farming is the main economic activity of this region. The Tapakuma Project in this region links the Tapakuma, Reliance and Capoey lakes into one large conservancy, which supplies irrigation water for rice fields which dominate Region Two.

Besides rice farming, some people cultivate coconuts and care for beef and dairy cattle. Timber production is conducted on a very small scale in this region. Not surprisingly, the region is known as ‘The Rice Land’. Pomeroon -Supenaam is the gateway to Region 1 and Venezuela. A Coast Guard Station is located at the mouth of the Pomeroon River. Thirty-six miles of road links Supenaam to Charity. The town of Anna Regina is mid-way between Charity and Supenaam. The Regional Administrative Office is located at Anna Regina. The Regional Hospital, High Court and Registry for the Essequibo County are at Suddie.

Portada Region two: Pomeroon-Supenaam



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