Regional Director

María Cristina Pervecal

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Count on UNICEF
to act, change, build and innovate.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, there are 195 million children, who comprise 31 per cent of the total population. Of these, four out of ten are poor from a human rights and multidimensional perspective, and one in six children qualify as extremely poor.
We must act.

Latin America and the Caribbean, not only has the greatest global; social inequality but is also marked by various forms of violence. The region has the highest child and adolescent homicide rate worldwide, causing 25,000 deaths per year. Two out of three children under 15 suffer physical or psychological violence at home. It is estimated that 1.1 million adolescent women between the ages of 15-19 are victims of sexual abuse.
We must change.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, 79 per cent of the population is urban. Those who are most affected and are in the most vulnerable situations due to unplanned development and children and adolescents become displaced, affecting in their rights to health, education, protection and social participation.
We must build.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the negative impact of phenomena related to climate change is greater on children and adolescents. 13.4 million children and adolescents live in regions with high or extremely high risk of drought. 13.1 million live in areas at high risk of flooding.
We must innovate.

2030 is not just another number. It is more than an agenda; it is an ethical horizon, a social challenge, an economic necessity, and an environmental imperative. For each child, for Latin America and the Caribbean, for all humanity.

You can count on UNICEF to act, change, build and innovate.

Marita Perceval
UNICEF Latin America and Caribbean Regional Director