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Right to live in a world free of violence

Latin America and the Caribbean is the most violence and unequal region in the world.

Violent has many manifestations, can be physical, sexual or emotional. It can happen at home, in schools, in the community, in migration centres, in orphanages or in youth institutions. It can occur during the first years, school age or adolescence.

Everyday violence violates the rights of millions of children and adolescents, threatens their survival and well-being and prevents them from developing their full potential. Violence leaves physical and psychological consequences, in many cases irreversible, and limits the development and growth of the countries of the region.

The situation in Latin America


2 out of 3 CHILDREN under 15 years old experience violent discipline at home (psychological or physical)


1 out of 4  young women was married /in a union before 18 years old


Per day 67 adolescents (10-19) are victims of homicides


3 of every 10 adolescent students (13-15) are regularly bullied


There is an increasing number of vulnerable children moving often fleeing from poverty and violence in their home or communities (7 million in the Americas)


1.1 million of adolescent girls 15-19 have experienced forced sexual violence or any other forced sexual acts (including from childhood)