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Right to Education


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In the past 30 years, the number of adolescents enrolled in secondary school in Latin America and the Caribbean has increased substantially. There has been progress in learning, and more adolescents have been able to finish high school. But there’s still too much to do. 10.4 million adolescents are today excluded from their right to education. Poverty, discrimination, violence in their countries and the need to migrate prevent them from accesing education. With education, skills and empowerment, these adolescents will help transform economies and nations. But increasingly, specialized skills are required at a time when many educational systems fail to adapt to the new context and where so many adolescents are still out of the system.

The situation in Latin America


In LAC, adolescent girls have less free time. They spend almost twice as much time as boys in unpaid household work.


On average, 25% of adolescents who are out of school drop out for economic reasons.*
*Selected countries


10.4 million adolescents of secondary school age are out of school


24% of adolescent boys and 16% of adolescent girls who are out of the school system drop out because they are not interested in what they learn.*
*Selected countries