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Real Life Stories

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Antiguan school Children benefit from Positive disciplinary practices being implemented at  school

Edu-Communication Project in Sao Paulo

No more penalties for Carlos - Kicking off a violent past

HIV/AIDS prevention for 7 million adolescents

Jacqueline, armed with a smile, “rescues” people who are HIV positive

Up the river and into the school - promoting education in a remote region of Ecuador

"I want my baby born free from HIV"

Coming home...

The scholarship, an incentive against school dropout

Reintegration in Society - A Child’s Vision for A Better Future

"I want to live, I will live, my child will live"

Facing off the Floods

Brenda, tenacity made child communicator

Missing out of childhood because of HIV/AIDS

Our language is our cultural heritage

Kicking Aids Out of Speyside, Tobago

A life without love - 10 years old and HIV positive

Building dreams through sports





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