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Protection of Children from Violence, Exploitation and Abuse

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Every year approximately 2 million children, usually girls, are sexually exploited, often at home or at school. 

According to data from 15 countries in the region, nearly 70 percent of all women have been physically abused by a partner, with nearly 50 percent of those women reporting that they have been victims of sexual assault.

Violence against children jeopardizes the human rights of millions of children and adolescents on a daily basis; it threatens their survival and well-being, and prevents them developing to their full potential, leaving physical and psychological scars, too often perpetuation a cycle of violence.

UNICEF works to strengthen individual and community response against abuse and create a protective environment by working against exploitation, neglect and violence and by guaranteeing that the opinions and experiences of children and adolescents are taken into account.
Particular emphasis is placed on improving legal protection systems, working with media as allies to achieving changed attitudes and behaviors, and including violence reduction and protection strategies as a way of achieving economic and social development.












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