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Child Survival and Poverty

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Chronic malnutrition threatens the health and survival of one out of every five children (8.8 million children). 

Fifty-two million people do not have access to sufficient food, 7.3% of boys and girls under-five years of age are underweight for their age, and about 20% show signs of stunted physical and developmental growth.

Extreme poverty, low education level of parents, and lack of access to basic services, including safe water and basic sanitation services are vital factors threatening the health of children and their families.

UNICEF works to promote a healthy start in life for all children, ensuring that all newborns are registered at birth and have access to good health care, adequate nutrition, safe drinking water and basic sanitation services. 

It is estimated that 80-million children under the age of 5 do not receive any immunizations at all or do not complete their immunization schedule.  UNICEF is working to promote strategic initiatives to strengthen immunization programs in the region.  In several countries, UNICEF supports “Vaccination Week” which targets those most difficult to reach to ensure children receive life saving immunizations.  In Haiti this fall, vaccinations against rubella are being introduced as part of the package for the first time.





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