Tool guide for the remote psychosocial support model

Practical guide for the psychosocial support of migrant and refugee girls and adolescents girls


The remote psychosocial support model aims to establish the principles, criteria and methodological processes for psychological and social support and accompaniment required by Venezuelan girls and adolescent girls in contexts of human mobility (migrants, forcibly displaced and refugees) who have survived gender-based violence (GBV); support that will be provided face-to-face or in remote manner due to the containment measures for the COVID-19 pandemic.

This practical guide, which accompanies the Model, develops and describes the phases and moments of remote psychosocial support; facilitates the understanding of the psychosocial support model for its adequate application in each country; implements psychosocial support according to the needs of Venezuelan girls and adolescent survivors of GBV in the move; and, elaborates and describes the tools for keeping a registry of the support.

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