Impact of COVID-19 on children and families

in Latin America and the Caribbean



The Latin America and the Caribbean region has become the new epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic[1], upending the lives of many children and their families. This pandemic is as much a health crisis as a social and economic threat, creating extremely challenging situations, particularly amongst the most vulnerable.

Together with WHO and other UN agencies, governments and local partners, UNICEF is leading on preventative actions and is committed to continuing to deliver assistance to children, their families and health and social workers across the region.

The work of UNICEF contributes both to outbreak control and to mitigation of socio-economic impacts of the pandemic and containment measures, including the provision of essential basic services for children, women and vulnerable populations.

UNICEF is working to protect children and their families from COVID-19 and to address the secondary impacts of both the disease and the efforts being made to halt its spread in Latin America and the Caribbean.


[1]  PAHO Press Conference on May 26th, <>, accessed 01 June 2020.

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