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MICS Consultant



Under the overall supervision of the UNICEF Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist the UNICEF MICS Consultant (UMC) will support and provide guidance to UNICEF country office (CO) and SIB for the preparation, implementation, and completion of the MICS 5 survey in Belize. The UMC will advise SIB, especially the Survey Coordinator and sampling and data processing experts, during survey planning, questionnaire design, sampling, training, fieldwork, data processing, data analysis, dissemination, and archiving, ensuring that MICS protocols and recommendations are being followed at all times. The UMC will communicate effectively with the UNICEF CO and SIB, responding promptly to MICS related needs and issues as they arise.

The UMC will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the work of other resource persons hired by UNICEF to provide technical assistance to the MICS 5 survey. He/she will work in close collaboration with the survey team, the stakeholders, and Steering and Technical Committees and will represent UNICEF in meetings and workshops in relation to the survey as needed.

Main Tasks Related to the Job

Provide technical and managerial support to the MICS 5 survey;

1.      Present the MICS methodology, tools, and guidelines to partners/stakeholders (e.g. ministries, UN Agencies, etc.);

2.      Finalize in collaboration with national partners and UNICEF CO, the Survey Plan and Budget, including timetable and share with UNICEF Regional Office (RO);

3.      Oversee each stage of the survey process and ensure that the MICS protocols and standards are followed by the SIB, more specifically during training and field supervision visits;

4.      Communicate regularly with the UNICEF CO, RO and/or Headquarters (HQ) responding to all MICS related issues in a timely manner;

5.      Provide progress reports on MICS activities to the UNICEF CO/RO/HQ on a monthly basis;

6.      Coordinate the work of SIB experts and UNICEF Regional Consultants and other resource persons assigned by the UNICEF CO and/or RO to support different survey stages;

7.      Ensure that external technical reviews by experts (i.e. Regional Sampling Consultant, Regional Data Processing Consultant, and Regional Household Survey Consultant) are carried out at key survey stages and coordinate the feedback and response between the CO/RO/HQ and SIB;

8.      Ensure that all survey related documents and deliverables (questionnaires, manuals, expert reports, final report, datasets, etc.) are properly archived throughout the survey process;

9.      Participate in all MICS Steering and Technical Committee meetings;

10.  Participate in, and contribute to, MICS Regional Workshops;

11.  Ensure that lessons learned, problems, and good practices are documented throughout the MICS process and rapidly shared with the MICS community (other MICS implementing countries, RO, and HQ) through all means available.

Specific Activities

In consultation and collaboration with the UNICEF CO, SIB and the MICS Steering Committee, the UMC will be responsible for ensuring the following activities have been undertaken following the MICS guidelines and will contribute to the coordination of these activities:

1.     Survey Planning:

         The Memorandum of Understanding between UNICEF and SIB has been understood by both parties and signed;

         A Steering Committee is established and comprised of relevant line ministries/Development Partners;

         A Technical Committee comprised of all relevant technical experts is established; ▪ The Survey Plan and Budget, including timetable is finalized and shared with all stakeholders; ▪ Survey supplies are procured and distributed in time for training, data collection, and data entry;

         Sample Design:

o        The final selection of households is reviewed.


o        MICS Supervisor and Editor, Measurer, and Interviewer Manuals are customized for the Belize specific context and translated.

        Data Entry Templates:

o        Data entry template is customized by the data processing expert of SIB with the guidance of UNICEF Regional Data Processing Consultant;

o        Data entry template is reviewed by the UNICEF RO and/or HQ before finalization.


2.     Household Listing and Mapping, Training, Fieldwork, and Data Entry:

        Household listing and mapping is planned and performed according to MICS guidelines;

        Training schedules are adequately adapted to the country context while following MICS guidelines;

        Appropriate resource persons are identified to facilitate training (i.e. nutritionists for anthropometry training, survey expert for methodology, etc.);

        Contribute to the fieldwork training;

        Fieldwork and fieldwork monitoring visits are planned and performed according to MICS guidelines;

        Field Check Tables are produced on a weekly basis, immediately analyzed by survey managers, and main findings reported to field supervisors for action. Field check tables are immediately shared with UNICEF RO;

        Participation of UNICEF CO staff is organized to assist in monitoring data collection;

        UNICEF Regional Data Processing Consultant is timely provided with necessary information and Belize visits are well managed and coordinated;

        Data entry room, hardware, and software are properly arranged and a working data entry and backup system is established;

        Monitor data entry and processing;

        Monitor secondary data editing.


3.     Data Analysis and Report Writing:

        Sampling Weights are included in the datasets and reviewed by sampling expert of SIB with the guidance and review of the UNICEF Regional Sampling Consultant;

        MICS tabulation plan and standard syntax are used in generating SPSS dataset and tables.

        Dataset/Tables including the wealth index are substantively reviewed by technical (e.g. sampling expert) and subject matter experts at SIB, as well as by UNICEF RO and HQ MICS Team before the report writing commences;

        Coordinate and contribute substantively to the writing of the Summary Findings Report and Final Report, using MICS templates and according to MICS standards to ensure a timely release;

        Ensure that the reports (Summary Findings and Final) undergo the technical review process by RO and HQ;

        Coordinate the printing and distribution of the Final Report;

        Organize and facilitate the presentation of the Final Report through a national seminar;

        Organize wide dissemination of the Final Report and main results;

        Ensure that the MICS survey archive (questionnaires, manuals, sampling frame, field reports, database, tables, final reports, dissemination materials, etc.) is being produced by SIB.

Estimated Duration of the Contract

The duration of the contract should cover the whole MICS process: a minimum of 11.5 months. Only candidates who can commit for this minimum time in-country will be considered.

The UMC will be recruited at the start of MICS planning and should remain on board until the final report and the survey archive are produced. Without significant and unforeseen delays, the MICS can be conducted over a 12 to 14 month period.

Confidentiality of Data and MICS Documents

The UMC must respect the complete confidentiality of the MICS data as well as any specific MICS documents that will be produced throughout the entire MICS process. The UMC can use the documents and the datasets only for the tasks related to these terms of reference.

Qualifications and Competencies


University degree in Social Sciences, Demography, Statistics, Epidemiology or any other related technical field is required.

Skills and Experience:

-         At least three to five years’ experience in the coordination and/or management of quantitative household surveys (prior MICS or Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) coordination experience highly desirable);

-         Strong computer skills and strong expertise in statistical analyses (familiarity with data processing and data analysis software, particularly SPSS);

-         Training experience and ability to organize and facilitate training and presentations;

-         Experience in data analysis and survey report writing;

-         Excellent oral and written communications in English;

-         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

-         Familiarity and previous experience of working in Belize highly desirable and/or in the region.

-         Ability and willingness to travel extensively in-country and to attend regional workshops.

Other competencies:

         Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment and to establish harmonious and effective relationships both within and outside the organization;

         Demonstrated leadership, managerial and supervisory ability.

Kindly email applications to marked “Consultancy: MICS 5” in the Subject Header and must include:

         Cover letter with an updated CV for lead consultant

         Completed United Nations Personal History Form (P11) for lead consultant. Link for P11 form:

         Proposal including financial cost

Deadline for submission of applications is 15 April, 2015 at 23:59 hours (Belize time) ONLY completed application packages will be given consideration. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



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