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Local Consultancy on Kyrgyzstan MICS 2018 finalization

This vacancy is open to Nationals of Kyrgyzstan only


Job Number: 519293 | Vacancy Link
Locations: Asia and the Pacific: Kyrgyzstan
Work Type : Consultancy

Closing date: 28 January at 17:30 pm Bishkek time

Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 

Purpose of the Job 

Under the overall supervision of the Planning and Monitoring Officer the UNICEF MICS Consultant (UMC) will support and provide guidance to UNICEF Kyrgyzstan Country Office and National Statistical Committee (NSC) for the preparation of the MICS survey findings report in Kyrgyzstan.  

The UMC will communicate effectively between the UNICEF CO, UNICEF Regional Office in Geneva, UNICEF HQ in New York and NSC, responding promptly to MICS related needs and issues as they arise, ensuring that MICS protocols and recommendation are being followed during development and finalization of the survey report.  

The UMC will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the work of respective NSC staff and experts hired by UNICEF to provide technical assistance to the MICS process. He/she will work in close collaboration with the survey team, the stakeholders, and Steering and Technical Committees and will represent UNICEF in meetings and workshops in relation to the survey as needed. 

Main Tasks Related to the Job 

  1. Provide technical and managerial support to the MICS dataset compilation, validation and finalization; 
  2. Present the MICS draft results, methodology, tools, and guidelines to partners/stakeholders (e.g. ministries, UN Agencies, etc.); 
  3. Oversee each stage of development of the survey findings report and ensure that the MICS protocols and standards are followed by the NSC during the process; 
  4. Communicate regularly with the UNICEF CO, RO and/or Headquarters (HQ) responding to all MICS related issues in a timely manner; 
  5. Coordinate the work of NSC specialists and UNICEF Regional Consultants and other resource persons assigned by the UNICEF CO and/or RO;   
  6. Ensure that external technical reviews by experts (i.e. Regional Sampling Consultant, Regional Data Processing Consultant, and Regional Household Survey Consultant) are carried out and coordinate the feedback and response between the CO and NSC; 
  7. Ensure that all survey related documents and deliverables (questionnaires, manuals, expert reports, final report, datasets, etc.) are properly archived throughout the survey process;  
  8. Participate in all MICS Steering and Technical Committee meetings; 
  9. Ensure that lessons learned, problems, and good practices are documented throughout the MICS process and rapidly shared with the MICS community (other MICS implementing countries, RO, and HQ) through all means available.  

Specific Activities  

In consultation and collaboration with the UNICEF CO and NSC, the UMC will be responsible for ensuring the following activities have been undertaken following the MICS guidelines and will contribute to the coordination of these activities: 

  1. Sampling Weights: 
  • PSU Sampling Weights are calculated and sent for the review of the UNICEF Regional Sampling Consultant;  
  • Any issues identified by the UNICEF Regional Sampling Consultant are properly/timely addressed by the survey team;  
  • A set of individual weights for households, interviewed women and children (both age groups, <5 and 5-17 years) to be calculated and validated by UNICEF Regional Sampling Consultant;  
  • Any issues identified by the UNICEF Regional Sampling Consultant are properly/timely addressed by the survey team;  
  1. Databases and Tabulation Plan tables: 
  • MICS tabulation plan and SPSS syntax files are finalized for generating Tabulation Plan tables; 
  • Feedback from the ECARO Household expert regarding syntax files and generated draft Tabulation Plan tables is addressed;  
  1. Data Analysis and Report Writing: 
  • The data base is compiled, and MICS report statistical tables are produced; 
  • MICS report template graphs and diagrams are produced; 
  • MICS Findings Validation WS attended by ECARO and HQ MICS experts is facilitated, and comments/suggestions are timely addressed with high quality; 

Deliverables and Timetable 


Tentative delivery date 

Estimated Percentage 

The database is compiled, MICS Findings Validation WS attended by ECARO and HQ MICS experts is facilitated (February 2019) 

28 February 


Wealth Index is calculated and MICS Tabulation Plan tables produced and both are validated by MICS Global team in NY 

31 March 


Data Quality and Sampling Errors Tables are generated and validated by MICS Global team in NY 

30 April 


Support to Survey Findings Report writing provided with the report available in electronic form  

31 May   


All survey related documents and deliverables (questionnaires, manuals, expert reports, final report, datasets, etc.) are archived in accordance with the MICS manual; 

30 June 


Confidentiality of Data and MICS Documents 

The UMC must respect the complete confidentiality of the MICS data as well as any specific MICS documents that will be produced throughout the MICS process. The UMC can use the documents and the datasets only for the tasks related to these terms of reference.  

Qualifications and Competencies  


  • University degree in Social Sciences, Demography, Statistics, Epidemiology or any other related technical field is required.  

Skills and Experience:  

  • At least five-year experience in the coordination and/or management of quantitative household surveys (prior MICS or Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) coordination experience highly desirable); 
  • Strong computer skills and strong expertise in statistical analyses (familiarity with data processing and data analysis software, particularly SPSS); 
  • At least five years of experience with CAPI approach 
  • Training experience and ability to organize and facilitate training and presentations; 
  • Ten years of professional work in data analysis and survey report writing; 

Other requirements: 

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability and willingness to travel extensively in-country and to attend regional workshops. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment. 
  • Knowledge of English and Russian languages, knowledge of Kyrgyz is an asset. 

Duty Station and Official Travel Involved  

Duty station for this consultancy is Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.   No official travels are envisaged.   

Estimated Duration of Contract and Fees:    

The estimated duration of work is five months within the period of 1 February – 30 June 2019.  UNICEF CO will issue an individual contract upon agreed assignment and budget.    

Consultant is to indicate his/her lump sum fee for the services to be provided. The fees payable to a consultant shall follow the “best value for money” principle, i.e., achieving the desired outcome at the lowest possible fee.  

Special Clause  

This contract does not allow payment of off-hours, medical insurances, taxes, sick leave.  UNICEF doesn’t bear any responsibility for the safety and health of the consultant, as well as for the consequences of any natural disaster and other force major circumstances.   UNICEF reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/output is incomplete, not delivered, or for failure to meet deadlines. 


In the case of selection an individual needs to purchase the health/medical certificate with evacuation at the own cost.