06 October 2021

Situation Analysis: Children and Adolescents with Disabilities in Kyrgyzstan

UNICEF commissioned a Situation Analysis on children and adolescents with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan to assess and analyse the situation with respect to the realization of the rights of children (0-17 ages) and adolescents (10-19 ages) with disabilities according to the International Classification of Functioning (ICF), Disability and Health for Children and Youth (WHO) in Kyrgyzstan.[i] The Convention of the Rights of the People with Disabilities (CRPD)[ii] has been ratified by the Republic of Kyrgyzstan on the 16th of May 2019.[iii] The rationale for this Situation Analysis is to inform stakeholders, both governmental, civil society and development partners, as to the current situation with regards to the fulfilment of the rights of children and adolescents with disabilities. The study identified the barriers and bottlenecks in the provision of quality and inclusive services for children and adolescents with disabilities as well as the gaps in the policy environment and evidence base. It is expected that this Situation Analysis will inform various stakeholders. Primarily, the report is to provide evidence and guidance for future policy formulation and service provision to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. It shall also inform UNICEF, as well as other international development partners both multilateral and bilateral, in advising the government and focusing their capacity-building efforts. While this Situation Analysis is of particular interest to various stakeholders in Kyrgyzstan – government officials, policymakers, professionals in various areas, scholars and researchers – it should be noted that the most valid contributions of the study were provided by children with disabilities themselves, and their families, who shared their life experiences with the team. Their varied accounts are testament to families and children’s tenacity, and parents´ unconditional love for their children, despite extreme difficulties.   [i] WHO. (2011). International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). https://www.who.int/classifications/icf/en/ (WHO, 2011) [ii] UN General Assembly (2007). Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Resolution / adopted by the General Assembly, 24 January 2007, A/RES/61/106. [iii] UN Treaty Body Data Base - ratification status by country: Kyrgyzstan https://tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/15/TreatyBodyExternal/Treaty.aspx?CountryID=93&Lang=EN