It's probably goodbye..

There are almost 200 disasters happening in Kyrgyzstan every year, children belong to the most vulnerable segments of society

Silvia Eun Choi
Стихийное бедствие
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05 July 2018

On October 5, 2008, we experienced devastating earthquake in the village of Nura in the Alai district of the Osh region. 6.6 magnitude earthquake destroyed towns and buildings. During the earthquake killed 75 people and injured 150 people. More than half of them were children

nura earthquake
Unicef Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is located in disaster-prone area, experiencing earthquake, landslide, and flooding every year. According to the recent statistics of the Ministry of Emergencies, there are almost 200 disasters happening in Kyrgyzstan every year. When disaster occurs, children belong to the most vulnerable segments of society


In March 2018 a large fire happened in Kemerovo. During the fire, 64 people died, 41 of them were children. “We’re burning… It`s probably goodbye.” - this was the last message of a fifth-grade student posted on her social media. Her entire class was burned in the fire.

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Children are often unprepared or unaware of the safety behaviors for emergency situations. Therefore, it is critical for children to be educated on emergency preparedness from an early age. But it is also important for facilities to follow the safety rules and regularly practice emergency training.

children during earthquake

Since 2012, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Emergency Situations, together with UNICEF implemented the Safe School Project. This is an initiative to enhance the school safety and preparedness to emergencies. Which means, making sure that fire exits aren’t blocked, alarm system is turned on, and students know what to do.

We should never forget the tears and screams of the children nor the pain that they would have felt in the flames of fire. But prepare ourselves for the worst to protect every child in the country

children with pictures at school
Unicef Kyrgyzstan

“Now I know how to act, and who will save me if there is an earthquake”- says 12-year-old Aida.