Happy International Children’s Day!

UNICEF Representative in Kyrgyzstan Yukie Mokuo explains organisation's priorities in the country.

Yukie Mokuo
06 June 2018

Happy International Children’s Day!

Over 2 million children live in Kyrgyzstan, which is almost 40 per cent of the population. Since 1994, UNICEF has worked in Kyrgyzstan with the government and civil society to improve the quality of life and rights of all children.

Still, there are many children who suffer with poverty, poor nutrition, and disabilities. More attention is needed for every child to have equal opportunities and develop to their full potential.


We at UNICEF Kyrgyzstan has 5 priorities to ensure no child is left behind.

First, improving the policies and services to protect all children, including the children left behind by migrant parents. We want to make sure Kyrgyzstan is a safe and inclusive place for children to grow.

Second, improving access to quality health services for all children. Special attentions are given to newborn babies for their survival.

Third, including all children in quality education and supporting their learning from early childhood.

Fourth, make sure that children with disabilities have access to the services they need, and ensure these children’s full integration in the society.

Fifth, empowering adolescent girls and boys, young women and men to reach their potential and take an active role in society.

In UNICEF, we value that our mission and mandate for children are supported and trusted by the government, communities and development partners. We are accountable to provide best technical assistance and to continue working selflessly to turn these priorities into concrete results for every child in Kyrgyzstan.

Please Join UNICEF to improve the life of children and do visit our website to learn more about the UNICEF’s work in Kyrgyzstan.