Standardization of telemedicine services in Kyrgyzstan

Recommendations for policy

Application on telemedicine
UNICEF/Kyrgyzstan/2021/ Dastan Jumabek Uulu


This document provides recommendations for developing a policy for the provision of telemedicine services in Kyrgyzstan. These recommendations are informed by a rapid review of the use of telemedicine in Kyrgyzstan as well as a review of telemedicine policies in several countries.

A major gap identified in the rapid review was the lack of a legal basis and policy related to telemedicine. This is a major barrier to scale-up of programmes and their sustainability as telemedicine consultations are not reimbursed by the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund (MHIF) or covered under the State Guaranteed Benefits Package (SGBP). A set of recommendations for drafting a telemedicine policy for Kyrgyzstan has been developed through:

• Observations from the rapid review gathered through an analysis of existing telemedicine programmes
• Draft policy documents shared by the eHealth Center
• Comprehensive policy analysis of telemedicine laws and policies in several countries

This publication was prepared by Neha Verma, PhD in Health Informatics, Johns Hopkins University with technical and financial support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) within the project “Strengthening maternal and child health care system”, funded by the Government of Japan.

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