“Promoting Kyrgyzstan’s youth cohesion and interaction towards Uzbekistan” (2019-2020)

Evaluation of UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP project


This inception report outlines the results of the inception phase of the evaluation of the project “Promoting Kyrgyzstan`s youth cohesion and interaction towards Uzbekistan’” implemented by UNICEF, UNDP and UNFPA (hereinafter “the project”). The purpose of this report is to secure a common understanding, within
the evaluation team, and between the evaluation team and the Evaluation Reference Group (ERG), of the theory of change (ToC), processes and methods which will guide this evaluation towards the production of a final evaluation report. It is based on background desk research, project documents and inception interviews with the project staff and the United Nations Peace Building Support Office (PBSO). Together with the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the evaluation, the inception report will serve as a benchmark document and as a reference document. However, the evaluation activities will depend on the evolutions of both the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and the protests following the parliamentary election in Kyrgyzstan on 4 October 2020, which will have to be observed closely.

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