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November 2002, Alina, Gulnara, Tilek now Live at Home

Alina, 4 year old, Gulnara, 5 years old, and Tilek, 7 years old, were placed into a children’s institution. It seemed to be the only resort for a 30-year old woman. Her life was fractured many times: her husband abandoned the family, she moved to a city and found herself without a house and job, her mother was put in the hospital with a serious illness. Then, she met a young man and got married. She decided that her three kids should wait a bit in an institution before she would stand up to her feet.

For the children, the life in the institution became a nightmare. The girls cried all the time, could not sleep at night. That was the reason why TV journalists who came to make a story about the life of children in institutions came up to nobody but them and let them speak into the camera.

The people who watched them on TV, cried together with them. Did also cry their grandmother who by chance watched that programme in the hospital. “I saw my grandchildren crying on TV. I have the second form of disability and thought that my mission in the life was over. After the programme with my kids I told myself that I have no right to be sick and remain inactive. That gave me incredible strength and faith in myself.”

The old woman signed off the hospital and met with UNICEF project social workers. A special rehabilitation programme was developed for children and their grandmother. Their mother was also a part of the programme. Some time later Tilek entered a musical school, Alina and Gulnara went to the kindergarten. Their mother started visiting them more often. This life long lesson helped her to realize that children cannot wait.



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