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Promoting Peace Together

© UNICEF/Kyrgyzstan/Shegai
Kyrgyzstan, Osh, 21 September 2011. Exhibition of children's drawings at the Center for Multicultural and Multilingual Education

By Gulzoda Dzhumabaeva

Kyrgyzstan, 21 September 2011 – The International Day of Peace was marked by excitement throughout Osh, the biggest city in southern Kyrgyzstan. With support from UNICEF, children took an active part in the events. At the city’s Centre for Multicultural and Multilingual Education, they presented their drawings under the slogan “Rainbow of Kyrgyzstan. Friendship Valley”. They danced and performed a puppet show.

Fatima Yandieva, Head of the UNICEF Zone Office in Osh, was touched by how children explained their pictures and how profound their works were. Children understood peace as respect and tolerance between ethnic groups.

© UNICEF/Kyrgyzstan/Dzhumabaeva
Kyrgyzstan, Osh, 21 September 2011. Presentation of communities at the Office of HelpAge International

Another implementing partner - HelpAge International - gathered children from ten schools in Osh and Karasuuat the special school for children with disabilities to finalise their discoverieson the topic “My Community – My Home”. Each group made a presentation about their school, famous people and places in their communities, and performed small sketches about the lives of notable people from their villages. The children were very proud to exhibit the fruits of their hard work. Most of them were given prizes and after the event they promised to celebrate the Day of Peace each year and to promote peace and solidarity in their communities.

Celebration of the International Day of Peace is just one aspect of the programmes supported by UNICEF in various areas – youth policy, education, child protection and health – which are contributing to peace through development of the social well-being of children and women.



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