The progress in the improvement of nutrition has been measured with the support from UN WFP and UNICEF.

21 May 2018

BISHKEK, 21 May 2018 - The progress in the improvement of nutrition of the population of Kyrgyz Republic has been measured within the Global Nutrition Movement SUN by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Reclamation of KR with the support from United Nations World Food Program, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and SPRING Movement.

Representatives of the governments, private sector, international organizations and civil society participated in the seminar, which took place in the end of May in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Reclamation of KR. The results of the annual evaluation of the active measures on nutrition improvement in our country were presented at the seminar.

According to organizations, one of the main tasks of the seminar was to identify the priority directions of work and events for 2018-2019.

These priorities were identified as further efforts to decentralize the nutrition platform to the regional, area and ayl-okmotu level to raise awareness of all the interested parties.

“Malnutrition especially among women and children is still a serious problem in Kyrgyz Republic and it has social-economic consequences, - said Andrea Bagnoli, UN WFP Representative and Country Director. – Poor and vulnerable groups are at risk”.

According to UNICEF, 43 per cent of children and 35 per cent of women of reproductive age suffer from anemia, which has a serious threat to their health including developmental disorders and decreased efficiency.

According to Erkinbek Choduev, Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Reclamation of KR, it is necessary to coordinate efforts on improving status of food safety and nutrition in the country in order to solve nutrition problems

“Within the last year we were able to increase the level of coordination of the platform up to the Vice Prime Minister with an active involvement of parliament. This supports more active promotion of the nutrition improvement issues in Kyrgyz Republic”, added Choduev.

Kyrgyz Republic is the member of Global Nutrition Movement (SUN). The internationally made obligations request the Government of KR to coordinate the collective efforts of the interested parties towards improvement of the nutrition of the population and to unite government, civil society, UN agencies, donors, private sector and academia. UNICEF with the support from UN WFP and in partnership with the participants of the movement on increasing the activities on nutrition, painstakingly created networks, improved the potential of the keys players in SUN-movement in Kyrgyzstan and involved civil society into promotion of the nutrition issues.


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