Promoting a multi-sectoral approach, UNICEF works with national level stakeholders to tackle Kyrgyzstan’s nutrition concerns. This has led to the development of the country’s first National Nutrition Strategy, which includes all the priority nutrition interventions in the country, as well as key policies, laws and regulations to address micronutrient deficiencies among the population, especially young children and mothers.

As part of a Ministry of Health programme, UNICEF is providing Gulazyk (Sprinkles micronutrient powder) to reduce iron-deficiency anaemia. Gulazyk was initially piloted in Talas province where anaemia rates fell by 26 per cent after the project began. The project also included dissemination of key messages on early childhood development to support the cognitive development of young children. It has now been scaled up across the country, and covered over 70 per cent of children under the age of two in 2012.

Other UNICEF successes have included a flour fortification programme, which included supporting the passing of legislation requiring flour to be fortified. Meanwhile, following a 2001 Law on Universal Iodisation adopted with UNICEF support, measures are being taken to ensure the lasting elimination of iodine deficiency disorders.



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