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August 30, 2005: Children together with the government are determined to find ways to solve their problems

On 30 August 2005, upon the initiative of the Kyrgyz Government, high officials headed by the Vice Prime-minister Ms. I. Boldjurova and the UNICEF Representative Mr. R. Young go to meet working and street children in Dordoi and Osh Markets, and those who temporally find shelter in centres for street children in Bishkek – Child Protection Centre in Kelechek, Art Centre and ... Their task is to get an insight of the situation these children live in and learn how they can better address it at the decision making level.

Working children from the Kelechek district of internal migrants near Dordoi Market highly welcomed the initiative. Last year during the National Child Poverty Conference organized by UNICEF and its partners, they presented their problems: most of them are not new or specific only for them. Like many children from poor families they have difficulties to attend school; like many children from internal migrant and excluded families they face discrimination and feel inferior with the peers; they have to work to help their families and often become the only breadwinner; they do not know their rights and often agree with hopeless conditions of their lives. And now they are ready to share their ideas how combined efforts of them themselves, community and local authorities can address some of those problems. For the decision makers and international organizations they have a constructive proposal for partnership to find better solutions and put them into action.

UNICEF supports the intention of the Kyrgyz Government to address needs of children from poor families, those who are left without parental care and live either in state institutions or on the street, deprived of an adequate education or social services because of their special needs such as a disability, the victims of crime, violence, exploitation or civil disturbances, in conflict with law, street and working children, and migrant children. The current joint programme of the Kyrgyz Government and UNICEF aims to bring children’s rights issues on top of the development agenda of the country and change current policies and strategies to ensure that all rights of all children especially of those who are most disadvantaged are realized.



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