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September 2005, A One Year Old Youth Centre in Batken Produces Dancers, Singers, Peer Trainers and Youth Advocates

It was opened by Social Fund Daanazat with the help of UNICEF and other international organizations in the premises of the Radio Salam in 2004 for the young people in the remote Kyrgyz town to receive important knowledge on health and education related issues, learn and protect their rights, and acquire basic technical skills in computer science and English. 

A temporally common lodge with the Radio Salam is mutually beneficial. Volunteers of the Radio Salam help in trainings and with information. While young people from the Youth Centre help develop social spots and valuably contribute to radio youth programmes.

Children and adolescents who have difficulties at school or at home find a strong assistance from the Centre’s psychologist and social worker. In stead of fiddling about, wasting their lives in streets fighting against misunderstanding of the society or threats of the criminal world, they get into musical groups in the Centre. Two bands have already become popular with their country fellows. This year, they have organized a School Farewell Party, their concerts convene appreciating spectators bringing colour to the routine life of the town.

Some active members have been trained to become trainers and go out to meet their peers in remote villages and help them learn about healthy life styles and other essential issues for young people’s educations and professional careers.

The Youth Centre has become a unique place in Batken helping young people become active members of the society and develop their life potential as well as to cope with various psychological and personal problems of the “teens” age.



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