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September 15, 2005: Early Childhood Development Centre in v. Bozodyr

On 15 September, 2005 the Bozodyr kindergarten will gather children, their parents, local authorities and representatives of UNICEF for its official opening.

It is the only kindergarten in the district for children up to 6 years old. It also plays the role of a resource center - a place for caregivers, social leaders and local authorities to share their concerns and ideas how to help young children in their respective villages to receive early learning and develop their potential.

It was once a Kolhoz kindergarten. Then it was closed like many others after the dissolution of kolhozes. Its building was used for different purposes by different people as long as dilapidated, without windows, with leaking roof and ground instead of floor it could not be used at all. In 2003 a middle age woman moved there her small private kindergarten for 5 children.

Active community leaders and the staff of Radio Salam in Batken helped the kindergarten to attract attention of UNICEF and other international organizations. The building was renovated. UNICEF helped them to purchase necessary furniture, books, kitchen utilities, toys – everything the kindergarten should have to provide quality services for young children, be a resource centre on early childhood development and a cultural centre for the community.



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