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July 27, 2005: Stop violence against children. Act now!

On 27 July, at the press-conference in the Kabar News Agency, members of the Kyrgyzstan’s delegation to the Regional Consultation for the UN study on Violence Against Children in Ljubljana on July 5-7, will present its goal and the Final Conclusions with nine important steps to be taken at domestic and regional level to address violence against children.

With support of UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the World Health Organization, European Council and the Government of Slovenia, the Europe and Central Asia Consultation in Ljubljana brought together experts, academics, practitioners and children from 38 countries to look at what’s going wrong and to find a way to begin to put right. Their work is a call to action – to break the silence, mobilize, motivate and put in pace the political agenda which will change the world for children today and tomorrow.

Kyrgyzstan was presented by E. Mamyrov, Minister of Justice, A. Sharshenbaeva, State Programme “New Generation” expert of the Prime Minister Office and S. Mambetova, Social Protection Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

The Ljubljana Consultation has been one of the nine regional consultations that aim to feed the UN Study on violence against children. The Study will map out what is happening today in four different settings – the school, the home, institutions and the community. Some of the issues – such as bullying and abuse – are already on the agenda of many governments; others, such as harmful traditional practices and violence in institutions, are newer.

Though the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child guarantees the physical integrity, safety and dignity of children, and countries have laws to stop violence, in practice violence against children destroys lives and potential and breeds societies the accept the unacceptable – that children can be punched, kicked, beaten, starved, taunted and tortured.

Violence has so many different faces: it can be not solely physical or psychological, but physical, emotional and neglect at the same time, and anyone who comes into direct contact with children is a potential perpetrator – parent, caregiver, relative, community member, another child, school teacher, police officer. But no matter what the abuse and where it takes place, the root causes are often the same. The causes of violence include: discrimination, social acceptance, and poverty and social stress.

The Ljubljana Consultations called to stop violence against children, and to act now creating a world where violence against children is not longer tolerated. 



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