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May 30, 2005: Two Generations to the Mountains for a Dialogue

At 14:00, on May 30 2005, upon the initiative of the Prime-Minister’s Office with UNICEF’s support, there will be an inter-generation dialogue dedicated to the Child Protection Day – 1 June. Ninety six children from twelve children’s institutions and shelters of Bishkek and Chui Oblast will meet with members of the Government. Like last year it will take place in Chon Tash Tract – a place where children would feel natural and more confident when expressing their views.

The dialogue will be preceded by three day tourist competitions organized by Republican Centre for Tourism and Ecology. Also, during these three days, the participants will think over how the coming dialogue would help them to solve main difficulties that they account in their daily life. Violation of children’s rights and what children and decision makers can really do together in the present situation is the main subject of the dialogue.

The dialogue won’t be limited to questions and answers: after identifying main problems, children and adults will work in small discussion groups and then present practical steps for resolution of those problems.

Inter-generation dialogues were first organized in Kyrgyzstan in preparation for the UN Special Session in 2002. Since then children have proved that they can, clearly, without accusations, lead dialogues and provide constructive solutions. Of late, decision makers also express an increasing interest to listen to children and together solve issues that effect children’s lives.




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