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Master class: writing scripts for social series on child rearing

BISHKEK, 18-22 November 2013 – UNICEF supports a foundational workshop for local professionals on script writing for social series  focusing on child rearing.

About 50 participants from television corporations,  radio companies, and production studios will join national script writers, storytellers, and  experts in early childhood development from across Kyrgyzstan for 5 days of learning and professional skills building.

The intensive 5-day course examines sequence theory and film analysis. It is designed to help the participants in learning the mechanics of storytelling best practices and in developing narrative structure of films, TV-movies, serial programmes and short films. The programme includes three main elements: a) critical viewing skills, b) assimilation and brainstorming and c) recreating the story structure on paper, thus allowing participants to storyboard their own audiovisual stories and write the best possible scripts.

Mr. Chris Craps, the trainer from Belgium, is a writer - journalist specialising in developing scripts for movies and television series. He works with well-known TV channels, such as “Channel+“ (Belgium), “National Radio 2” and newspapers and magazines published in Belgium. His past training experiences include master classes at community centers and schools in Belgium and laboratory work on SESC scripting in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil).

This workshop will contribute to the development of a national cadre who will create early childhood development and family-oriented media materials. It is a part of the UNICEF supported project on promoting reading and literacy for young children in the Kyrgyz Republic.  aims to raise awareness among parents, grandparents, siblings and other caregivers on the importance of early childhood development, to develop pre-reading/literacy skills of children of pre-school age, and encourage reading culture within Kyrgyz families.





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