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British Government donates funds to UNICEF for supporting children suffered from violence and preventing violence among and by children in Kyrgyzstan

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic Judith Margaret Farnworth and UNICEF Deputy Representative Raoul de Torcy will sign an agreement to launch a new joint project titled “Mitigating the effects of and the potential for conflict in Kyrgyzstan through targeted investments in the protection of the most marginalized children and youth”.


The implementation will take place mainly in the north of Kyrgyzstan, focusing on issues of violence, justice for children and the development of capacities of child protection stakeholders. The project will run for almost 2 years, its overall budget is 958,057 USD (£595.990).


As part of the project, vulnerable and marginalised girls and boys will benefit from social services (psychological, legal and social support to child who suffered from violence and abuse as well as rehabilitation). Also, children who are about to be released from juvenile justice institutions will receive re-integration support programmes (such as life skills programmes) to promote social cohesion between and within communities and the respect for child rights and help reduce inequities, tensions and conflict potential.


This project is the continuation of the successful collaboration of the British Government and UNICEF in Kyrgyzstan. Currently, UNICEF is implementing the three year programme aimed at achieving equity in 55 municipalities in the areas of health, preschool and school education, youth development and child and social protection in the south of the Republic.



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