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The Government of Kyrgyz Republic and donors strive to optimise investment process in in the Education Sector

Bishkek, 19 April 2013 - The Government of Kyrgyz Republic and the Donor Partners signed a Joint Statement regarding the modalities of future co-operation with all Donors in the Education Sector Sector Wide Approach to Programming (SWAp). It aims to harmonise and coordinate donor support, enhancing aid effectiveness and predictability of aid flows.

The government leadership is the central element in the SWAp process, bringing stakeholders together around the Education Development Strategy 2012-2020. With sector-wide education planning priority is given to national leadership and external donor support is considered in the context of helping the government to implement its own programmes and policies. The Joint Statement represents another phase in a shift towards the spirit of the Paris Declaration and the 12 Indications of the 2008 Accra Accord.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, represented by Prime-Minister’s Office, Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Youth, Labour and Employment and the Ministry of Finance, and the signatory Development Partners representatives.

Expressing thanks on behalf of the Government and people of Kyrgyzstan, Kanat Sadykov, Minister of Education and Science said, “The cooperation between Government of Kyrgyz Republic is entering into a new stage. The activities of Donors should be implemented on more harmonized and transparent basis with increased collective effectiveness between the Donors and the education sector and greater commitment by Donors in the alignment of Donor efforts to the education policy and strategy of Kyrgyz Republic. Jointly, Donors and the Kyrgyz Republic should continue to make improvements to the better use of resources with a focus on results aimed at achieving the objectives of EDS 2020. Most importantly, Donors and the education sector in the Kyrgyz Republic should be more mutually accountable for improved learning outcomes for all citizens.”

Jonathan Veitch, UNICEF Representative in Kyrgyz Republic, Chair of Donor Partners Coordination Council Education Sector group, on behalf of donors noted, “SWAP may promise a lot, but we have to accept that the Joint Statement is just the initial stage of a long process. It should be followed by establishment of the institutional arrangement for the functioning of the Joint Statement, namely, establishment of the Council and the Steering Committee, sub-committees, working groups, etc. This will require considerable time, efforts and behavioural change on the part of both Donor Partners and the government. Not only Donors have to work together ensuring complementarities, coordination and synergy, and identifying concrete follow-up actions to support education; similar cooperative working relationships should be established amongst the different sectorial agencies and ministries who are involved in education sector plan development, funding, implementation and monitoring. Donors are confident that Kyrgyz Government has a great potential to make SWAp in education successful and functional.”




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