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June 2007, Placing children at the heart of society, every day of the year

© UNICEF/Kyrgyzstan
A child's hand pulled down a calendar list of 1June - to end the International Child Protection Day

"2 June" campaign which raises children’s voices: “We need your love, care and protection every single day of the year

International Child Protection Day is marked in Kyrgyzstan with a series of events during which children are showered with free gifts.

The day starts with crowds of children gathering in parks, enjoying their free ice creams while listening to concerts. Many organizations support this event by donating gifts to children’s institutions and hospitals. The media publish articles praising the charity and generosity. 

The purpose of UNICEF’s campaign, “2 June”, organised in partnership with the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Department of Social Development and Information, is to promote the idea that children ought to be given love, care and protection every single day.

Too many children are “invisible”, excluded and thus vulnerable and abused during the other 364 days a year– in particular working children, children living on the street, children with disabilities, and institutionalized children. Thousands of children are compelled to work to earn their living, becoming the “breadwinners” of their families. Working children have become a common phenomenon.

The campaign raises children’s voices: “We need your love, care and protection every single day of the year”. Following the “2 June” spirit, UNICEF works in close collaboration with the Government and the civil society to help ensure the protection and fulfilment of the rights all children in Kyrgyzstan every day.



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