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Vacancy announcement UNICEF: Public Administration and Finance for Children/Social Policy and ECD

Job Number: 528835 | Vacancy Link
Locations: Asia and the Pacific: Kyrgyzstan
Work Type: Consultancy

Objective/purpose of the consultancy/services

Technical support on Public Finance (PF) for Children within the critical large-scale public programmes for children[1] - social protection and early childhood education (ECE)

Scope of work and key tasks  

  1. To provide technical guidance and accompany the testing of the per capita model in local social service planning and delivery; 
  2. Based on ECE budget brief and current assessment, develop ECE advocacy brief for decision makers, including one specific for parliamentarians;
  3. Guided by existing normative framework, develop guidelines for Government on effective ECE funding;
  4. To facilitate TOT in preparing to the technical workshop on the efficient financial management of ECE;
  5. To review aggregate social spending trends and priorities for 2018-2020 (for both planning and execution) and develop a user-friendly brief;   
  6. To develop Social Sector Budget Brief with the analysis of planned for 2020 and actual for 2019 spending and Mid-Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF) 2020-2022, including a specific focus on social protection budget;  
  7. To develop two two-pager an advocacy briefs, based on budget analysis, with key messages and related visuals for decision-makers, media and the public: one for social sector budget and one for social protection; 
  8. In line with UNICEF approach to innovative finance, to conduct an initial review on the opportunities and pre-requisites for the development financing modalities benefiting children;
  9. To contribute to the elaboration of the proposal to the Joint SDG Fund defining initiatives that can leverage public and/or a mix of public and private financing for human capital development and social investment;
  10. To develop discussion document on private public partnership in ECE service provision, including via voucher modality and equity based per capita funding;
  11. To participate in technical and consultation meetings, advocacy and policy dialogue on social protection;
  12. To prepare text of the Budget Briefs and selected analytical reports, i.e. per capita methodology with compendium of norms defining cost of the public, municipal and social service for traditional and e-publications.



Estimated # of days

Due date

% total fee

Deliverable N1

  1. Methodological guidelines for per capita testing
  2. Costing of the per capita testing pilot with detailed information on the process and methodology

Deliverables are based on desk review of normative acts and available documents, interviews with national stakeholders, experts and UNICEF SM.


20 days

By end February 2020


Deliverable N2

a. ECE advocacy brief based on budget brief and current assessment

b. Contribution to the call for proposal from the SDG Fund on Financing SDGs


  20 days


By end March 2020


Deliverable N3

Guidelines on effective ECE funding based on the existing LSG’ legal and budget framework


20 days

By end April


Deliverable N4

TOT conducted on efficient financial management of ECE (preparation of the TOT package 7 days, TOT seminar 3 days, report on TOT 5 days)

15 days

By end May


Deliverable N5

Assessment report on opportunities and recommendations in innovative financing modalities benefitting children.


20 days


 By end of June   




Deliverable N6

a. Budget and Advocacy Brief on aggregate spending in social sectors

b. Budget and Advocacy Brief on Social Protection


30 days



By end of July



Deliverable 7

Discussion paper on private public partnership in ECE service provision, including voucher modality and equity based per capita funding


20 days


By end of August


Deliverable N8

Update of Social Sectors and Social Protection budget brief after mid-year amendments

10 days


By end of September


Deliverable N9

Report on testing per capita principle in planning local social service  

 15 days


By end of October

5 %

Deliverable N10

Camera-ready text of analytical reports for traditional and e-publication  

30 days

By end of November




In Total – 200 working days



100 %

Reporting and supervision  

The consultant will report to Social Policy Specialist and ECD Officer in close collaboration with the Child Survival and Development Outcome Manager and relevant sections.                                 

Qualification/level requirements 

  • Advance Education in economics and finance, PhD level  
  • Professional experience > 10 years 
  • Expertise on PFM including on budgeting processes at the central and local levels[3]
  • Knowledge and practical experience > 5 years in public administration and social protection  
  • Engagement in similar analytical PFM project(s) for at least 3 years
  • Fluency in Russian, English and Kyrgyz languages is mandatory  

Duty station and official travel involved  

Bishkek, Tup district of Issyk-Kul, Karakol and Osh towns. Costs for accommodation, meals and incidentals during official travel to other regions of Kyrgyz Republic shall not exceed applicable daily subsistence allowance (DSA) rates for local consultants/ individual contractors.  

Duration: 11 months  

Opening Date Tue Jan 07 2020 08:30:00 GMT+0600 (East Kazakhstan Time) Central Asia Standard Time
Closing Date Tue Jan 21 2020 17:30:00 GMT+0600 (East Kazakhstan Time)

[1] Critical child-related programmes identified for 2017- 2018 and 2019 are child poverty/social assistance and services, ECE. Criteria of being critical: quantitative magnitude of problematic, i.e. number of children concerned, availability of normative and budgetary framework regulating social protection/assistance and ECE/education, probability for impact being nation-wide. 

[2] An order of deliverables might be reversed and/or combined in response to the programme needs and priorities  

[3] At least two reports are enclosed, or links provided

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