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ЮНИСЕФке кошул

Consultant to conduct an inception study of opportunities for introducing drones during emergency response in the Kyrgyz Republic. 

Job Number: 531258  | Vacancy Link

Locations: Kyrgyzstan
Work Type : Consultancy

Objective/purpose of the consultancy/services

Objective of the consultancy is to assess opportunities and challenges of using drones for rapid need assessments, hazard mapping, monitoring, and delivering lightweight essential items to remote or hard-to-access locations, and search-and-rescue efforts during emergency response in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Scope of work and key tasks 

The following tasks are expected to be carried out by the Consultant.

  • Review of the regulatory framework of the Kyrgyz Republic governing procurement and use of drones in emergency situations;
  • Review of the situation of using drones in other countries (Central Asia experience, developed and developing countries);
  • Assessment of opportunities and challenges for using drones in the Kyrgyz Republic (e.g. government capacity) in emergency situations, as well as feasibility in terms of procurement through desk review and interviews with relevant government and non-government counterparts (*the interviews may be conducted via online or phone due to the COVID-19 situation);
  • Preparation of an analytical report with specific recommendations for improving the current regulatory framework and procurement capacity to increase the capacity for the use of drones in emergency situations;
  • Presentation of the analytical report at a round table/meeting to interested parties, receiving feedback and improving the report (*the presentation may be conducted remotely via online due to the COVID-19 situation);
  • Development of draft amendments to relevant inter-ministerial/inter-departmental documents and/ or regulatory framework in close consultation with authorized state bodies;
  • Completion of the analytical report on the assessment results.

Qualification/level requirements 

  • University degree in Law or other relevant fields (Diploma/Degree);
  • At least 5 years of professional work experience in conducting a legal assessment of state policies regulatory frameworks (CV/cover letter);
  • At least 5 years of professional work experience in conducting studies/assessment on the performance of government agencies (CV/cover letter);
  • Previous experience and familiarity in humanitarian/emergency settings is an asset (CV/cover letter);
  • Previous experience of working with UN or other international organizations is an asset (CV/cover letter);
  • Knowledge of the public procurement system is an asset (CV/cover letter)
  • Fluency in Kyrgyz and Russian languages is mandate, and knowledge of English is an asset (CV);
  • Proactive and organized, must be able to work in a multi-tasking environment.

Duty station and official travel involved 

The Consultant will be working from home with regular meetings planned in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. No travel is foreseen.

Opening Date Tue Apr 21 2020 08:30:00 GMT+0600 (Central Asia Standard Time) Central Asia Standard Time
Closing Date Mon Apr 27 2020 17:30:00 GMT+0600 (Central Asia Standard Time)

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