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Unicef Kyrgyzstan

Do you want to join UNICEF as our volunteer?

UNICEF in Kyrgyzstan invites you to be a part of Our UNICEF team by engaging as a Student Volunteer. We are looking for volunteers from Bishkek and Osh. As a Student Volunteer, you will be supporting with an initiative to advance school safety of every schools in Kyrgyzstan. Your role is to support online advocacy campaign to raise the awareness of school safety and improve the skills of children to practice safe behavior during disasters (fire and earthquake) through the simulation exercises. With your commitment and passion, we believe that you will make the most valuable and critical contributions to the project and in making a better world for children.

Program Overview 


Capacity Building Training Camp 

Online Advocacy Campaign 

Simulation Exercise 

Award Ceremony 

The scope of work and key tasks

  • Promoting and raising public awareness on the following topics: disaster risk reduction, a school without violence, safe road crossings, and air pollution.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction: Support for various disaster preparedness training activities and simulation exercises in schools.
  • School without violence: to be an active member of society in reducing violence against children.
  • Safe crossing: mobilizing government support and private sector involvement.
  • Communication and promotion.
  • Monitoring air pollution.
  • Other activities for volunteer mobilization and promoting child rights and wellbeing.

 How to apply?

To become a UNICEF volunteer, the applicant has to meet the following criteria:

Candidate must be over 18

Education and experience
It is advisable to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree;
Relevant work experience of at least 2 years is desirable.

Fluency in Kyrgyz and Russian languages is required. Knowledge of English is an advantage.

       If you:

  • wish to volunteer
  • can make a contribution to the development of your country
  • have the ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • have organizational and interpersonal skills
  • stand for the happy future of our children

        Then you can realize this by becoming one of the UNICEF volunteers for every child!

in Bishkek and Osh, the program covers all regions of the country.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time does volunteering cost?

Student volunteer program for supporting Safe School Initiative is from February 2019. Volunteers are recommended to commit an average of 60 hours per month. You can easily volunteer for the program while continuing your study at school.

  • Do I receive any financial and/or other benefits?

The key benefit of being a UNICEF student volunteer is personal satisfaction as you make a positive impact on the school and the children. However, UNICEF supports you through free Capacity Building Training (2 days), which provides you with opportunities to learn about UN and UNICEF, trainings on emergency preparedness, presentation skills, as well as inspiring and fun experiences with fellow volunteers.

  • Do I have to be good at English?

No. English is not a requirement. However, the ability to speak and write in English would be merit.

  • Who can I contact if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Please write to for any further questions you may have.