Social Policy
UNICEF promotes the best interests of children in social and economic policy debates.

Child protection
A new version of the Child Code was promulgated in 2012, introducing important changes to the justice for children legal framework and bringing it into line with international human rights standards.

In 2012, for the first time, Kyrgyzstan is on track to meet Millennium Development Goal 4 on child mortality, though meeting the maternal mortality target will still require more concerted efforts.

The Government’s first National Nutrition Strategy has incorporated priorities such as micronutrients and iodine, which is critical for the survival and development of children.

Education, Early Childhood Development
UNICEF educational priorities include expanding access to high quality preschool education, bringing out-of-school children back into education, and addressing  violence in schools.

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation
Most schools and healthcare facilities were found to be in need of improved water and sanitation facilities as well as considerable improvements in hygiene practices and awareness.

UNICEF's youth programme focusses on bettering the lives of young people through the establishment of youth centres, vocational training initiatives, community grants and other measures.

Response in Emergencies
UNICEF supports the Government and communities to strengthen the country’s emergency preparedness.


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