Three stories and one common message

What can children with disabilities do while staying at home?

Kalterina Misini
UNICEF/2020/L. Aliu
12 June 2020

Playing with his gray cat, different activities and games with his little sister, chatting with school friends in distance, without neglecting online lessons as a fourth grade student, is the way Ron Sejdiu from Fushë Kosova is spending these quarantine days at his home.

All of us are slowly going into the second month of social isolation, in order to follow the measures taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep ourselves and our families safe inside our homes.

Roni, Blinera and Eldin are also spending the quarantine period not easily but with various activities. The three of them are children with disabilities. In an online conversation, they told us about how they are spending these days in isolation, what activities they are doing and how they are having fun the most during this challenging situation for the world.

Ron Sejdiu, 12 years old, tells that he and his sister are having a quite relaxing time with their gray cat which they have recently taken at home.

Rron Sejdiu
Rron playing with his cat.

Ron attends lessons at the fourth grade but at this time he, like all other children, has to attend lessons in distance through the Kosovo Radio Television and other online platforms. ‘’I’m having a good time. I usually do homework. I learn. I am attending lessons through the TV. I like learning from home. I also do activities like reading, painting,” Ron tells us. However he misses his friends and cannot wait to see them again. In the end, Ron gave a cute and very important lesson for children. ‘’I would like children to take more care of themselves and their families. The more we take care, the healthier we will be.”

With similar activities, Blerina Krasniqi from Grashtica, Prishtina, is also trying to make staying at home easier for her. Drawing is what she loves doing the most. ’During this time I am spending more time with my parents. I am doing exercises and other activities. I am drawing, reading. I am doing homework. I am attending lessons through the TV…I love drawing the most,’’ Blerina tells us. Blerina’s message is that all children stay at home and take care of themselves.

On the other hand, nothing stops Eldin Gashi, 15 years old from Prishtina, from doing his favorite sport, exercising. He has equipment at home which he uses for half an hour to exercise and to keep himself in a fit condition physically and psychologically.

For Eldin, the positive side of staying inside is his family. He sometimes goes out in his house yard with his family and plays volleyball. Also a part of their time they spend together, they do some other common activities.