The pandemic should not interfere regular immunization of a child

Immunization is essential for normal growth and development

Snežana Perić
UNICEF/2020/ Kosovo
11 December 2020

At the Health Center in Gjilane/Gjilan, based in Pasjane, children are vaccinated regularly according to the immunization calendar in all seven family health centers. In GornjeKusce, near Gjilane/Gjlan, vaccination of children is scheduled every Thursday, the response for immunization was the same as before the coronavirus epidemic, points out the coordinator for vaccination of pediatric specialists, Dr. Violeta Trajković.

According to the regular immunization plan, vaccination is carried out from the  birth of a child until the age of 18, during which time children acquire immunity against ten infectious diseases.The coronavirus pandemic did not interfere with the regular vaccination of children, points out pediatric specialist Dr. Violeta Trajković at the Health Center of Gjilan - Pasjana, where they have 1,000 vaccination cards.

According to Dr Trajković, "100 percent of children are vaccinated in the ambulance in village Gornje Kusce." In order for a child to be vaccinated, it is necessary to be completely healthy, special attention is paid to the neurological and physiological findings during the period of vaccination with the MMR vaccine. If the child is in poorer health, when he has a cold or is currently with a viral infection, then vaccination is postponed until the period of complete recovery. Examination of infants as well as all other patients is performed in compliance with all epidemiological measures. "

During the pandemic, the reorganization of the space was arranged so that during the vaccination, the pediatric department works only with healthy children, parents, guardians, and the temperature is measured when entering the ambulance.

Immunization is essential for normal growth and development

For Jović Ivana, the mother of two-year-old Aleksandra and three-month-old Dimitrije, immunization of children is of crucial importance for the normal growth and development of every child."I have no dilemma - vaccination of children is in the first place, I am calmer and calmer because my children are protected from all those early diseases after vaccination. We apply every recommendation, advice, take care and do not go out except in the most necessary situations. The peak of the virus is now however but I can only praise our Dr. Violeta because she is there for us and our children at all times, her advice calms us down and gives us hope that all this will pass soon ", concludes Jović Ivana, a resident of village Kusce.

Fourteen-year-old Anastasia Ivanović came accompanied by her mother Dragana Ivanović, she says that she is not afraid of being vaccinated because she is used to coming for regular immunization, which is appropriate for her age. She says that her sisters and brothers have all been immunized and she agrees with her parents' decision to vaccinate all of them, with regular vaccines. Mother Dragana Ivanović points out that "vaccinating children is very important. My experience is positive and I have no fear of regular immunization of children."
Timely vaccination is key to protecting children, young and old from serious and infectious diseases. The goal of vaccination is to create immunity to a certain disease. In the Health Center of Gjilane/Gjlan with its headquarters in Pasjane, the response to vaccination is up to 98% per year.

Since the declaration of the pandemic, UNICEF has been working through various support programs to strengthen capacity and raise awareness of the importance of vaccination. Distribution of personal protective equipment has been provided to Health Centers, to combat the further spread of COVID 19. UNICEF's Home Visiting Program, funded by the Government of Luxembourg, will continue to support families in need and further strengthen the health system in Kosovo.