In blue T-shirt, children take over the biggest boulevard of Prishtina

Marking 30 years of the Child Rights Convention

Dafina Zuna
A girl in UNICEF blue T-shirt
UNICEF Kosovo/2019/A.Llapashtica
21 November 2019

In lieu of Child Rights Convention (CRC) turning 30, UNICEF Kosovo Office mobilized children from primary schools of Kosovo to take over one of the biggest boulevards in Prishtina. In blue T-shirts, hundreds of children celebrated their rights and engaged through play and singing with UNICEF staff, teachers and parents. They were making a call for all children to enjoy their rights and realize their dreams. 

At yesterday’s event, in Prishtina, capital of Kosovo, teachers and parents joined marking of 30 years of the CRC. One of the veteran teachers in primary school “Faik Konica” said that “for many years now, the most vulnerable children are still deprived on the realization of their fundamental rights”. Teacher Suzana was hoping that over time, things will change for better however, even after many years, children living in rural areas, children with disabilities and those from different communities are still not enjoying their fundamental rights. She says “activities like this remind us that we still have a lot to do, to reach those who cannot enjoy these beautiful moments like these children here and make sure that those children are reached, too”.  

Building on the leave no one behind principle, the new UNICEF Kosovo Programme has identified three key priorities for 2021-2025; from ensuring that every child will have the best start in life, the first priority will focus on increasing the coverage and quality of early childhood education and development; to ensure progress is maximized and the furthest left behind are reached first, the second priority will address inclusion of children with disabilities; to ensure all children will be supported to reach their full potential in life, the third priority with focus on the empowerment of youth and adolescents. Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe and we want to see these young people becoming active contributors, happy teenagers and giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential in life. 

Murat Sahin, Head of UNICEF Kosovo Office highlighted that “every child and every young person should have the right to health, education and participation therefore we should join hands with institutions, NGO’s, private sector and media and make this possible”. 

At the event, the joyful faces, hope and smiles of children were a call to Institutions for more investments for children in Kosovo and realization of their rights.  


UNICEF Kosovo/2019/A.Llapashtica
Children holding hands in the air while celebrating 30 years of the CRC in Prishtina's main square.