Baby born during pandemic

Happy moments give light for life during COVID - 19.

Snezana Peric
Baby Dina
UNICEF/2020/ Kosovo
23 July 2020

Although the corona virus pandemic did not bring anything good to the most of people, this does not apply to the young married couple, Petrovic family from Gracanica, who got a girl Dina in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

"Fear, uncertainty, the corona virus, found themselves on the way to the birth of baby Dina, but a strong faith is just another proof that babies born like little Petrovic girl, can be heroes from birth."  With these words, mother Jelena Petrovic started the story about how and what she was afraid before the birth of the baby.

Father Boban tried to cover his fear with the positive energy he passed on to his wife and succeeded in doing it, but he, as a future parent, was also worried.

But as the time came and they started counting the days until the birth, Jelena gave in to a positive feeling because she had great help from the doctors and medical staff from the Gynecology - Obstetrics Hospital in Gracanica.

She told us about her experience in a few sentences and it looked like this: "When Boban and I went to the hospital, of course with all the precautions, double gloves, a mask that covers almost the whole face, a disinfectant in a bag, with doctors reports on the pregnancy, we arrived at the hospital. Measuring the temperature, disinfecting hands, and the regular procedure before entering the maternity hospitl aroused even greater fear in me. The doctor on duty received me, although I did not say anything, he felt the need to tell me that I should not be afraid because all measures have been taken in the maternity ward and there is no reason for panic and fear of COVID-19.

At that moment, it was easier for me, the baby was born by caesarean section. I was placed in a special room and after a few hours they brought me a baby with whose look my whole world changed, I realized that we are a strong family that even in such a difficult time brought into the world beautiful eyes looking to a bright future.“ Jelena pointed out.

Father Boban shared the same feeling and describes his first contact with the baby as something most gentle and wonderful that he could never have imagined that there was such feeling in him until that moment.

Baby Dina was born with over 4 kg of weight, and from birth she is vital and in good health. After the birth, mother successfully recovered by caesarean section.

At the moment when we visited the baby, we also met with patronage nurse Dragana Zelenovic from the Health Center Gracanica, who was visiting baby Dina.

As the patronage nurse says, she treated the baby's navel, advised young parents how to behave, over the telephone, especially due to the current pandemic situation, and provided them with all kinds of help and support in the first days of the baby's growth. And after two months, she visited them to check how her little blue-eyed Dina is and how her parents are.

After leaving the hospital, the parents, Jelena and Boban, were advised to avoid contacts and that they should respect all prescribed measures recommended by the World Health Organization.