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UNICEF’s 70th birthday


UNICEF Kosovo Office celebrates UNICEF’s 70th birthday

To celebrate 70th birthday of UNICEF - a photo exhibition highlighting UNICEF work for and with children – especially the most disadvantaged – from 1946 to the present was organised in Mitrovica to mark the 70th anniversary on UNICEF founding.

On the 70th anniversary of its founding, UNICEF celebrated the immense progress made for the world’s children – and renewed the urgent call to reach millions of children whose lives and futures are endangered by conflict, crisis, poverty, inequality and discrimination.

“UNICEF was founded after World War II to bring help and hope to all children at risk or in need – no matter which country they lived in or what role that country played in the war. Our mission is no less urgent and universal today,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “With so many children around the world in so much need, we are recommitting ourselves to delivering results for every child.”

The organization was established by the United Nations General Assembly to help children in post-war Europe, China and the Middle East. Funded entirely through voluntary contributions from governments, civil society, the private sector and concerned citizens, it rapidly expanded its reach and by 1955 was working for children in more than 90 countries.

Today, UNICEF is the world’s largest children’s organization, working with partners in 190 countries and territories and through the efforts of 13,000 national and international staff to reach every child.

“UNICEF’s vision for the next 70 years is a world in which our work is no longer necessary -- a world in which every child is healthy, safe, educated, cared for and protected … and all children can make the most of their potential,” said Lake. “It’s the right thing to do, and the surest path to a better future for us all.”

UNICFE Kosovo Office celebrated UNICEF’s 70th birthday in Zvecan. It organized a photo exhibition that presented highlights of the organization’s work for and with children – especially the most disadvantaged – from 1946 to the present.

While looking at the photos from the World War II recovery period school children and some adults were taking extra interest in reading more about that child story behind the picture. Later commenting how difficult that must have been and comparing nowadays life with that time.

Most importantly local stakeholders once getting engaged in the conversations expressed their hopes for better future of the children in Kosovo, but also started looking at the potential solutions and future programmes that no child would be left behind.

The exhibition was organized on 13 December 2016, from 12:00 to 14:00, in the conference room of North City, Cika Jovina street, Mitrovica north.




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