The Issue


The Issue

Almost all of Kosovo’s youth have conflict and displacement fresh in their minds as they try to forge a future in a land still affected by brutal conflict and ethnic strife. Massive unemployment, a conflict devastated - higher education system and a pervading sense of hopelessness would be enough to drag any young person down. But Kosovo’s youth can be creative, energetic and positive assets for a society trying to remodel itself after conflict.

UNICEF is working with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCYS) to ensure that young people can participate in the decisions that affect their lives and that every young person in Kosovo has access to knowledge on healthy lifestyles, drug prevention and protection against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. UNICEF also wants to empower young people to be advocates for human rights, tolerance and peace.

To this end, UNICEF has supported the MYCS in drafting a parliamentary law on youth-which places a heavy emphasis on youth participation and inclusion in the democratic process. But efforts have also been made to work with civil society organization-managed by youth-which use the language, culture and interests of young people to raise their voice in society and spread key messages to the wider youth population.



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