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Learning and Knowledge Exchange

ΛGORΛ: Learning opportunities for all

In 2015, UNICEF launched ΛGORΛ, its Global Hub for Learning and Development.

ΛGORΛ is an innovative platform that facilitates global access to learning opportunities, and provides planning and reporting solutions for its users. Services are tailored to meet the needs of UNICEF staff, partners and any interested members of the public

Partners and public users can access dozens of free online courses on subjects such as Child Rights, Advocacy, Health, Programming, Nutrition, and more.

Here are a few popular courses (login to ΛGORΛ to view a full list of courses and register):

UNICEF overview:

Welcome to UNICEF (30 min)

Career development:  

Competency Based Interviewing for interviewees (40 min)

Child Rights:

Integrating Child into Development Cooperation (8 hours)


Communication for Immunization (3 hours)


Introduction to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) (30 min)

At a high level, learning activities cover the following topics:

Agora image: UNICEF and its environment

UNICEF and its environment

Learn about the global humanitarian and development environment, the UN Human Rights framework and other global initiatives related to UNICEF's work and mission.

Agora image: rights and obligations

Rights and obligations of UNICEF staff

Learn about policies and ethical standards that protect and guide the work of UNICEF staff and collaborators.

Agora image: What we do

What we do: Focus Areas

Learn about the areas of work on which UNICEF is currently focusing - based on UNICEF's current Strategic Plan.

Agora image: How we work

How we work: strategies and normative principles

Learn about the strategies and normative principles that guide all UNICEF's efforts - as described in UNICEF's current Strategic Plan.


Agora image: Tools and processes

Our tools and processes

Learn about the software, guidelines or processes that allow UNICEF to operate and effectively deliver all over the world

Agora image: Operations


Learn about UNICEF's operations services, which support the delivery of UNICEF's programmes and emergency responses.


Agora image: emergencies


Learn about UNICEF's emergency preparedness and response work.

Agora image: My job and career

My job and my career

Develop your personal skills and competencies, from management and leadership development to desktop computer skills.


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New to ΛGORΛ?

Partners and interested guest users are invited to self-register for free. All UNICEF staff (including consultants and interns) do not need to self-register – they already have a profile on Agora, linked to their organizational account.

First time users are encouraged to check the Agora Quick Start Guide.

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