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Learning and Knowledge Exchange

Expert Interview (with audience)

Direct learning conversations with experts

The Expert Interview is a participatory question and answer session in which members of the audience take the lead in asking a subject matter expert questions that are oriented towards their needs and interests, within the context of his/her expertise. Instead of the expert giving a presentation on what s/he thinks people want to know, this tool lets participants decide on the questions they consider important. The tool can be used to 'interview' up to three experts and can accommodate any number of participants.


  • Facilitator
  • Rapporteur
  • Up to 3 guests (subject matter experts)
  • Participants (any number)
  • Microphones: One per expert, plus 1 - 2 for participants asking questions
  • Open space or room, large enough to accommodate participants
  • Chairs (see 'Set up the room' below)
  • Pin board (optional)
  • Flipchart sheets and marker pens (optional)
  • Laptop computer (optional)
  • LCD projector (optional)
  • 60 - 90 minutes

Download the full module on the Expert Interview (with audience) (PDF), including when and why to use, how to apply, tips for success, variations, and references. 



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