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Learning and Knowledge Exchange

Lessons Learned (template)

Detailed reflection on work experiences to identify learning points

Lessons learned are detailed reflections on a particular project, initiative, or major work activity, and identification of learning points based on experiences and results achieved during implementation. These lessons may be positive (successes) or negative (failures). You should be able to state the lesson(s) learned in a few sentences and provide verifiable results that are evidence of the lesson(s). Evidence could be quantitative or qualitative and from either internal monitoring and evaluation or formal evaluations. The example template included in this document consists of the major fields (i.e., types of information) that together make up a complete, well-documented lesson learned. The template may be adapted for use in other formats according to the needs of your organization, and complemented as needed by additional fields.

Download the Lessons Learned template (PDF).

Download the Lessons Learned template (MS WORD).




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