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Learning and Knowledge Exchange

VIPP Card Collection and Clustering

A versatile way to get a cross-section of ideas on any important question

VIPP Card Collection and Clustering is a facilitated process that involves the use of cards to quickly gather and organize ideas from a group of people. It is especially useful in situations where you expect to get a diverse range of answers or inputs, or for addressing potentially sensitive issues in a way that is both safe and equitable. The process starts with a well-defined open-ended question. Participants write ideas onto cards and then cluster them based on similarities. The clusters can be prioritized as a basis for subsequent action, or they can be used for further discussion and development, as needed.


  • Facilitator
  • Pin board and pins
  • Flipchart paper
  • Rectangular cards, in several colours (10 x 20 cm/ 4 x 8 inch)
  • Marker pens (one colour only)
  • Up to 20 participants
  • 45 - 60 minutes

Download the full module on VIPP Card Collection and Clustering (PDF), including when and why to use, how to apply, tips for success, variations, and references. 



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