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Learning and Knowledge Exchange

Effective Meetings

Know what meetings you really need, and get the most from them

Meetings play a large role in any organization, and represent a substantial investment of time by all staff. Improvements to meeting effectiveness, if applied widely, can therefore offer very significant organizational audience.

I. Should you organize a face-to-face meeting?
Question 1: Have you thought carefully about the context and issues, so that you know what is needed next?
Question 2. Do you need contributions from others at this time, or can you take effective action yourself?
Question 3. Is a real-time conversation the best way to get needed inputs or take the next step?
Question 4. If you need real-time interaction, does it have to be via a face-to-face meeting?
II. Basic principles for running meetings
Before the meeting
During the meeting
After the meeting
III. Self-assessment of the meetings you organize
IV. Meeting facilitation
V. Succeeding with online meetings

Download the full module on Effective Meetings (PDF), including when and why to use, how to apply, tips for success, variations, and references.




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