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Learning and Knowledge Exchange


A focused periodical publication for a subscriber audience

 An E-Newsletter is an electronic periodical publication for sharing content such as news updates, survey results, emerging research findings, event reminders and other resources, with interested readers. It is distributed by email. A good E-Newsletter is concise and offers its readers value in the form of knowledge and contact information on a field or issue. The audience is usually self-selected (they choose to subscribe to the e-newsletter) and may include any number of people.

An E-Newsletter is a familiar and cost-effective means of sharing knowledge. It can be distributed easily to anyone with an email account, regardless of where they are located. An E-Newsletter lets readers keep in touch regularly with people who share a common interest without being too intrusive. Previous editions are often archived on a website for interest and easy reference.


  • Editor (responsible for newsletter content)
  • Writers (contributors to the newsletter).
  • Optional but recommended: E-Newsletter software platform (providing more powerful layout and subscription management features than standard email clients)
  • Optional: News compiler (compiles news resources from various sources)

 Download the full module on the E-Newsletter (PDF), including when and why to use, how to apply, tips for success, variations, and references.




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