19 October 2018

Impact Report, 2014 - 2018

Children are our mission, our mandate and our inspiration. Highlights of UNICEF Kenya’s Country Programme (2014-2018), as part of the wider United Nations Development Assistance Framework in Kenya, and the results achieved for children appear in the pages to follow. These pages tell the story of inequity and how a child’s ability to access nutrition and basic health services or a quality education or protection from violence and exploitation are often completely dependent on where they were born and live and whether they are a boy or a girl. Striving to reduce these inequities is at the essence of our programming. They tell a story – of how Kenya faced multiple humanitarian situations over the last four years - including droughts, cholera outbreaks, floods, conflicts and refugee influxes. UNICEF supported the Government of Kenya, in coordination with the wider UN family, NGO community and the private sector, to ensure coordinated emergency response overcame the obstacles each and every time - reaching over 4.488 million children, providing over 3.7 million people with safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities, providing lifesaving treatment to over 261,700 children with severe malnutrition and vaccinating over 34 million children against twelve vaccine preventable diseases, including measles, rubella and polio. Beyond emergencies, they tell a story of partnerships and the day to day systems building across the health, education, nutrition, water and sanitation and child protection systems.