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Working Together for Children

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The 2014–2018 UNICEF Kenya Country Programme with the Government of Kenya gives an opportunity to leverage knowledge and partnerships to draw greater attention towards reaching the most vulnerable.

UNICEF Kenya is forging strategic partnerships with the National and County Governments, Public Sector, UN agencies, Corporates, Civil Society and Global Entities such as the European Union, to share strategies, knowledge and resources with a view to achieving greater impact and economies of scale.

Through our partnerships we can:

  1. FOCUS INVESTMENTS to reach the most excluded children;
  2. INNOVATE FOR EQUITY developing new ways to solve problems and adapt solutions in the local context;
  3. IMPACT ON CHILD RIGHTS by giving children a voice to share their views and advocate.
  4. ENGAGE COMMUNITIES to identify and solve problems affecting their lives and to talk about the future that they want.




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