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Climate Change - Voices of Kenyan Children


2009 - 2011

The State of the World’s Children 2011: Adolescence – An Age of Opportunity

The SOWC 2011 examines the global state of adolescents; outlines the challenges they face in health, education, protection and participation; and explores the risks and vulnerabilities of this pivotal stage. The report highlights the singular opportunities that adolescence offers, both for adolescents themselves and for the societies they live in.

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2009 Situation Analysis of Children, Young People and Women

"Securing Kenya's Future in the Hands of Children and Young People"
The 2009 Situation Analysis examines the rights of children, young people and women in Kenya and the context within which they are realized or otherwise. It presents evidence that highlights specific child vulnerabilities and introduces other definitions for measuring poverty, specifically child poverty.

National Youth Situation Analysis 2009

For every three people in Kenya, one falls under the category of youth – those aged below 30 years. As the most active age group in Kenya, the youth hold the key for the country’s political, social and economic development, hence the need to invest in their well-being.

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The State of the World's Children: Maternal and Newborn Health

The State of the World’s Children 2009 examines the current state of maternal and neonatal health, explores the fundamentals of a supportive environment for mothers and newborns, and outlines ways to strengthen efforts in support of primary health care.

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Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2008 - 09

The 2008-09 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) is a population and health survey that Kenya conducts every five years. It was designed to provide data to monitor the population and health situation in Kenya and also to be used as a follow-up to the previous KDHS surveys in 1989, 1993, 1998, and 2003.

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